Duckfeet Roskilde

Duckfeet Roskilde

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No time for laces? No worries. Simply pull on Roskilde and get going about your day. This unisex all-rounder is handmade from thick, quality leather and features elastic gussets for an easy fit. You can't go wrong with Roskilde.
Duckfeet in Denmark have been making shoes by hand for over forty years. Duckfeet are simple and functional, typical of mid-20th century Danish design.

Duckfeet's foot-formed design allows room for the toes to spread naturally as you walk, and for air to reach the feet. Leather midsoles and uppers breathe and transport moisture away from the foot.

We use leather because it's strong and long-lasting, but also flexible - allowing the shoe to move with and mould to your individual foot shape.

No two pairs of Duckfeet are exactly alike. Every pair of shoes is treated individually during production, the natural tanning and processing by hand allows for subtle variations in the leather. These variations are highlighted by the particular way you wear them, which imbues each shoe with personality, your story, for your life.